TOKENS 4 TOKERS is a 420 quest to learn about the different products REHAB has to offer. There are a total of four, TOKENS 4 TOKERS quests. Each quest requires you to purchase certain products and leave one review. A new quest will be released every three months, but you may play at your own leisure.

Collect all 4 coins and win a REHAB bong valued at over $300!

How to play!

  • Purchase 10 or more items from the quest list. You will receive a product card with each quest purchase. Collect 10 product cards to receive a bronze token and a coupon for $50 of store credit and a pre-roll for a penny.
  • Leave 1 review on REHAB Delivery’s Facebook, Weedmaps or Google page and reference; product name, REHAB Delivery and Tokens 4 Tokers.

Quest #1: Stoner Delight

  • Nameless Genetics – 1/8 Mega Wellness
  • A2B Gardens – 1/8 GG4
  • Nug Shatter – 1 G your choice.
  • Lotus Gold Shatter – 1 G your choice.
  • Korova Edibles – Black Bar Bites 100mg
  • Kiva Edibles – Blueberry Bites 100 mg
  • Raw Gardens Vape – 0.5G vape of your choice
  • Rove Vape – Disposable of your choice
  • CannaHemp Topical – Recovery Cream
  • Papa & Barkley Topical – Relief Patch