REHAB Delivery is the #1 Cannabis Delivery Service in the High Desert!

Purple Punch at Rehab Delivery

We offer exceptional customer service, quality medication and a full understanding of individualized medicine.

If you haven’t tried REHAB Delivery yet we invite you to check out our menu and see for yourself what REHAB has to offer.

REHAB Delivery is one of the most recognized brand when it comes to Cannabis in the High Desert. REHAB helped pave the way for the new and improved on-demand delivery service.

REHAB Delivery has over 30 years experience in the cannabis industry and ten years of experience in patient advocacy. We value our reputation and never miss an opportunity to cultivate memorable experiences or exceed expectations. Happy members and business partners will always be our best advocates.           

REHAB Delivery supports the community and will continue to host educational events, workshops, and seminars to keep our members up to date and well versed on the newest innovations in cannabis medicine.

Give REHAB a call, we would love to hear from you 442-267-9282.

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