I’m awakened suddenly by a sharp pain in my lower right side just above the little dimple in my lower back. The pain comes on intense at first, charging my body with adrenaline. Breath heavy and still a bit sleepy from the cough medicine I’ve been taking for this stupid cold. I lay there in the dark staring at the ceiling fan, contemplating my life and where I’m at in it right now.  After my Ayahuasca ceremony with my Shaman Jose, I’ve learned I have been spending my life either in the past, a place filled with remorse, regret, and sadness that never seems to leave. If not in the past I was in the future far too much, with all the ‘what if’s’ and ‘as soon as this happens I can go live my life.’ Like waiting at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere for a bus that never comes, fuck that! Through the powerful medicine from my shaman I learned to live in the only place we were meant to live in, the present.  In doing so, I have found a sort of peace within. I’m not sure how to describe it but it’s like, there is no more fear in what’s to come, and self forgiveness for what has happened in my past. Come to think of it? I’ve got it pretty good right now. I have good friends that always seem to be there for me when I need them the most. I’ve a sweet temporary gig delivering herb to patients. I got a new puppy. I think that last one is the best one, but I’m a bit bias.

Feeling pretty good about myself but still in a ton of butt clenching pain, I look over at the pack of ‘Lowell Smokes.’It’s a sweet little cannabis company that is producing these packs of pre-rolls. Funny thing about pre-rolls, when they first came out I hated them! No one new nor had a way to prevent too much loss of moisture, making the smoking experience harsh and regretful. My worries all but vanished the day Kasha introduced me to the Lowell brand of pre-rolls. Now I’m not saying these are the best, they just were my first; I do however love this product. The packaging is a clever design of natural tan color with a neat little flap of darker colored cardboard the extends from the back of the packet over the inner tray and into a slot on the front side, securing the contents inside.  The front of this clever strap brandishes the name and logo of the company. Claiming to have been a Cannabis farm since “1909.”. There is a fascinating story about the company and how it came to be under the lid on the inside of the pack. I’m going to let that be part of the fun of purchasing a pack of these. These packs seem to come in three main types, Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. On the back of the packet you’ll find the names of the strains used in the blending. I found this to be fantastic as many companies tend to be strain-specific, this company blends them to create a type of standard effect. This also adds to the fun for me for like with wine each batch will yield a slightly different taste profile, there in adding to the fun in trying each batch. Genius in my opinion, a brilliant piece of marketing and making the most with what you have. 

When pulling back the cover flap you’ll notice a strike-pad for matches on the front of the inner drawer. Pulling the drawer out slightly will expose the open match tray. Unlike many other companies producing pre-rolls this company does not use a box to contain the sticks. Instead of choosing to give a Golden Era, early American, 1920’s sort of feel. Which feeds again into the whole persona and image they present. Although I’m not quite sure why they have a cow as their mascot, again it lends itself to that whole early American image they are going for. 

Sliding the drawer out a bit further almost to the end to allow for enough room to open the inner cover branding the mascot and exposing the joints bellow. Fourteen half gram joints line the inside of the tray, giving you seven grams total in each packet. 

I pull a joint from the tray and roll it as I do with forefinger and thumb, from end to end loosening the herb within, as it is often packed tight to prevent loss and then the end of the joint paper is folded over to prevent further loss. I put the joint to my lips and then reach for a match, it’s a bit difficult to pin down just one as my fingers are a bit too big for the match tray. I find for me it’s best to tip the box to one side allowing a few matches to tip forward enough for me to grab one. Striking the match across the strike-pad the match flares up with a brilliance that only matches can give. I bring the flame to the joint and puff that baby into life. I toss the spent match into the ashtray and take a deep drag holding the smoke for just a few seconds and exhaling with lips pursed like I’m whistling creating a long stream of smoke ending with a few smoke rings. My mind wanders back to the matches in the box and I had a realization, that with the matches you wouldn’t be inhaling all that harsh crap you get from a lighter. With that thought it morphed into the fact that cannabis studies have found that cannabis smoke actually helps to prevent and fight cancer, this leads me to think that these pre-rolls are some of the healthiest things on the planet! At that moment I realized just how baked I was and how silly this line of thought was although factual, and bust out with a chuckle and carry on smoking my joint. Damn, that was two puffs in, I guess I don’t need to talk about potency. 

I lie under a cloud of smoke lingering in the air just above me. It’s quiet now only the snores from my puppy can be heard. The sun is coming up as the dark mid-night blue of early morning is quickly consumed by the early morning sunrise. The sky is bathed in colors of orange, reds and brilliant yellows, it fills the room, pouring through the windows, casting dancing images in the smoke. I fixate on the random images that form in the light and smoke and knock off the hot cherry into the ashtray using the butt to extinguish it completely. I settle back into a comfortable position and turn my attention back to the picture show hanging above me. My mind begins to wander and I find myself quickly falling back to sleep. 

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