With the 2016 majority vote for the passage of prop 64, most Californians think the fight for marijuana legalization has been won. Although we have won the right to grow, manufacture, buy and sell legal cannabis, there is still more work to be done. Although, we are able to purchase marijuana products and participate in the newly formed cannabis industry, we are still very much limited. Most cities have chosen not to participate in regulated cannabis and have banned cannabis activities within their municipality. Meaning, exercising your right to grow the legally allotted 6 plants at home, could potentially get you in hot water with your city. Additionally, Prop 64 morphed into the Adult Use Medical Act or AUMA which overruled the original Prop 215 regulation that was written to protect rights to use medical marijuana over 20 years ago. All cannabis on the market is “tracked” from seed to sale so that the State can retain control over the growth, manufacturing, and sale of marijuana. Yes, regulation offers some protections to the consumer with regard to testing products currently being offered on the market, and limits purchasing of cannabis to only state licensed retailers in order to collect your tax dollars. But, what most people don’t know is that many Prop 215 “collectives” worked closely to provide much needed services to medical marijuana patients and in essence took “care” of those in the community. Some such programs offered low-cost or sometimes free medicine to our veterans, seniors and even children that suffer from seizures. Many cities in California opted to approve “Medical Only” cannabis and that limits the retailer as well. Most Californians think that since “its legal” by the state, they do not need to maintain a current medical recommendation, turning them off from working with licensed facilities. Additionally, these cities have the right to designate the percentage of taxes that gets added to every order. These taxes are in addition to the predesignated cannabis excise tax. So, a person suffering from Cancer now has to pay more for their medicine in addition to paying for an annual  medical recommendation with a state and local tax on every order. Again, inflating costs to someone with a medical need and perpetuating “rec” mills and the black market. How can legal operators compete with the black market and still survive paying the required city fees, taxes etc? Voting is the only way we can change these injustices. Your vote voices these concerns and allows for YOU to educate lawmakers and council members. Only then will they know how these regulations, taxes and municipal bans affect each and every one of us. Your vote does count and has effectively passed laws and elected officials sometimes by one or two deciding votes. Voter registration is quick and easy, go to www.sos.ca.gov if you need to register for the first time or have recently moved. Stay tuned for important legislative updates and more here at rehabdeliveries.com.

Frances Schauwecker  

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